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Do you know he lash extension adhesive you are currently using may have been old before you even opened the bottle?  It may be old before you notice it becoming gloppy and stringy. Old glue creates poor and compromised lash bonding and unsatisfied customers.    Join the Fresh Glue Club and protect your business from losing customers by always using the best quality, freshest glue sent to your door on your schedule.  Never again wonder or worry about using glue that might be old and bad.  Let My Lash Supplier send you fresh glue and peace of mind.

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*Glue Ships Free USPS First Class Shipping within the USA 

Always store glue in the moisture-proof pouch it comes in.  Use opened bottles within 45 Days of opening.  Store unopened bottles in a refrigerator up to 6 months from the manufacture date printed on the bottle. 

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