Glue Gone Bad - Know When to Throw Away Lash Extension Adhesive

Glue Gone Bad - Know When to Throw Away Lash Extension Adhesive

Posted by My Lash Supplier, LLC On Aug 5th 2018

You may have clients who let you know if they have a problem with their lash extensions not lasting, but sadly there are clients who experience a problem but stay silent and never return.  Take full ownership of the proper care and usage of your lash glue* so that you minimize the risk of losing clients due to bad glue.

*Throughout the article, the terms “glue” and “adhesive” are used interchangeably.

How Long to Use a Bottle of Lash Extension Glue

Once a bottle of lash extension adhesive has been opened, you have approximately 45 days to use it before you should consider it to be expired.  The bottle should have a manufacture date printed on the bottom, but the expiry date should be calculated based on the date you first opened the bottle.   A bottle of glue that has been stored well away from moisture could still be good 46 or 47 days after opening, but at some point, it is not going to be OK and you may still be using it on clients.  Spoiled glue may not show signs of having gone bad.  Always change to a fresh bottle of glue after 45 days of use so that you never risk using bad glue.  If you ever experience the following listed below, throw away the glue immediately.

Signs of Lash Extension Adhesive Gone Bad:

  • Glue bottle has been opened for longer than 45 days
  • Lash extensions are not bonding correctly
  • Glue doesn’t mix well when shaking
  • Glue quickly separates quickly after shaking
  • Glue is goopy or stringy
  • Glue was thin but is now thick
  • Glue is curing much slower or faster on the palette, despite optimal humidity levels
  • Glue won’t come out of the bottle
  • Glue nozzle is caked with cured glue
  • The lid is sealed to the bottle

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Glue Gone Bad – Know When to Throw Away Lash Extension Adhesive