Lash Extension Adhesive - Black with Fresh Glue Club Membership

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MLS™ Pro Black Eyelash Extension Glue with Fresh Glue Club Subscription, Free Glue Shipping, Save $6 per Bottle

  • Excellent Retention Bonds Up to 7 Weeks
  • Excellent Viscosity for Both Individual and Volume Lashes
  • 1-2 Second Cure at Optimal Humidity (50-70%) Fully Cured in 1-2 Hours
  • High fumes - Use Protection from Exposure
  • Latex-free and Formaldehyde Free
  • Ingredients: Cyanoacrylate, Carbon black

Fresh Glue Club Benefits:

  • Fresh Glue Shipped to You, Guaranteed
  • You Choose How Often to Ship (Every 2, 4, 6, or 8 Weeks)
  • You Choose How Many Bottles to Ship
  • Glue Ships Free USPS First Class Shipping within the USA 
  • Save $6 per Bottle of MLS™ Pro Black with Subscription
  • Contact Us to Cancel or Change your Shipping Schedule Anytime 
  • No Annual Membership Fees

 My Lash Supplier Recommends:

Before applying eyelash extensions, cleanse the natural lashes completely to remove surface oils that could prevent proper bonding. Use primer only on clients with excessively oily skin.  Keep a hygrometer near you while applying lashes to monitor and adjust the humidity so that the glue performs well every time. Humidity that is too low can cause lashes to stick together and weak bonds. Humidity that is too high (or flash curing with a nano-mister) can cause micro-shattering of the bonds and blooming.

Store unopened adhesive for up to 6 months in refrigeration (35-50⁰ F). Allow glue to come to room temperature before opening to prevent condensation. Store opened bottles in the upright position to minimize air surface exposure inside of the bottle. Shake bottle 30-60 seconds before each use. After opening, keep bottle at room temperature in the sealed pouch with the silica packet.  Even in optimal conditions, an opened bottle of glue will begin to deteriorate in approximately 5 weeks. Immediately dispose of glue if it becomes clumpy, stringy or if it is 7 weeks past initial opening, as bonding will be compromised. A nearly empty bottle will age faster due to air surface exposure within the bottle.

Cautions: Never allow adhesive to come in contact with skin. Never wipe excess adhesive on any natural fiber (such as paper tape and gel pads) as a rapid exothermic reaction will occur and release irritating fumes.  Do not wipe excess glue on gel eye pads. 


Lash extensions and adhesive are for professional use only. Do not use apply on yourself. Lash extension adhesive is for professional individual lash application. Never use on strip lashes. You and your clients safety is our greatest concern and we are prepared to assist in the education of our products, however, My Lash Supplier is not responsible for the misuse of our products. You are solely responsible for the adhesive once it is purchased. Glue performance varies depending on application skill, climate control, and also the clients conditions. Be prepared with a plan of action in the event of irritation or inflammation. MSDS is available upon request.

Conduct a patch test for new clients and also if you change products. Apply 5 extensions that match the clients length onto each eye. If no irritation after 24 hours, proceed with full application. A patch test does not guarantee that a larger amount of adhesive used will not cause irritation.

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