Lash Extension Tiles with Organizer Box

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Finally, the Perfect 10 Tile Lash Palette Organizer that Protects Extensions from Damage andDebris!

The My Lash Supplier Lash Palette Organizer Box helps you organize your lashes, your way.  Save your custom made palettes with this easy to use organizer.  Each curved tile fans out the strip of lashes for easy grabbing.  Tiles are completely customizable.  Simply write the lash dimensions on the palette to your own specifications.  The writing space is at the top of the palette enabling you to quickly find what you are looking for.  The lid helps keep your lashes clean and dust free.  The sturdy white acrylic box is very trendy, clean, and will look great in any decor so you can keep your palettes at your fingertips on display without worrying about clutter or dust.  Organize your lashes however works best for you: by client, by most frequently used, by color, weight, uses for the day, etc.  You'll love this elegant organizer.  

  • Glossy White Acrylic Box Holds 10 tiles (Tiles Included) 
  • Close Lid to Keep Palettes Free of Dust and Debris
  • Tiles are Completely Blank for your Customization
  • Curved Tile Surface Separates the Tips of the Lashes for Easier Grabbing
  • Clutter-free Organization
  • White box is simple and discreet, keeping your working station visually tidy
  • Box Measurements: 5.75" wide x 6.5" deep x 5" Tall
  • Tile Measurements: 2.5" Wide x 4.75" Tall x 0.5" deep (height of the curvature) 





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