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MLS™ Ultra Ellipse Dark Brown Lash Extensions are Ultra Soft, Ultra Lightweight, Ultra Long Lasting, and easy to apply. 

At Last, a Better, Safer Option When Classic Lashes are Too Heavy for Your Client!

Many flat lashes are too ribbon-like in appearance; however, ellipse lashes appear the same as classic lashes.  Ellipse are the same width as classic lashes but with less height, creating the same look with less weight and increased natural softness. Ellipse lashes are a better choice for any client that has weak natural lashes, causing both less trauma and greater adhesion.  

  • Application is quick and simple: Ellipse lashes snap into place with less rolling than round, classic lashes.
  • Ellipse shape creates better contact surface with natural lashes and therefore bonds are stronger and longer-lasting.
  • Use ellipse lashes only for single, individual application, the same as classic lashes.
  • Lighter-weight than classic lashes, therefore use the same thickness for less trauma to wimpy lashes, or a thicker ellipse for a more dramatic effect.
  • Use the 8-9 mm mixed trays for bottom lashes, inner corners, and on male clients for the most natural styling effects.
  • Warm, Dark Brown Satin Sheen PBT Synthetic Fiber. 
  • MLS™ Ultra Ellipse Lashes are also available in Black.
  • 12 Strips per tray, 2,000 - 3,000 lashes per tray.
  • Available in 0.15 thickness.
  • Available in J, B, C, and CC curls.
  • Available in these trays:

8-9 mm Mixed Length Tray for Bottoms, Inner Corners, and Men

10 mm Single Length Tray

11 mm Single Length Tray

12 mm Single Length Tray

13 mm Single Length Tray

14-15-16 mm Mixed Length Tray for Greater Lengths

MLS™ lashes are handmade from high-quality PBT synthetic materials in a strictly controlled environment.  Lash extensions should only be applied by a certified lash stylist.  Never apply lash extensions to yourself.  

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