Volume Lash Extensions Varied Lengths - Black

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Create Natural-looking Volume Lashes with 4 and 5 Randomly Varied Lengths on Each Strip!

Create more natural-looking fans that more closely mimic natural lashes. Each fan you create is unique, due to the random lengths on the strip.

  • Overlapping lengths: Create a seamless look across the eye by blending both the short (7-10 mm) and long (9-13 mm) trays
  • Warm Black, Satin Sheen PBT Synthetic Fiber 
  • 12 Strips per tray, 2,000 - 3,000 lashes per tray
  • Available in 0.05, 0.07, and 0.10 thickness.
  • Available in J, B, C, CC, D, and LC curls.
  • Available in these perfectly blended trays:

7-8-9-10 mm Randomly Blended Lengths

9-10-11-12-12 mm Randomly Blended Lengths

When applied correctly, volume lashes are proven to retain longer than classic lashes and pre-made volume fans.  Careful judgement must be made by a trained professional to determine the appropriate number of lashes to use in a volume fan.

Lashous™ lashes are handmade from high-quality PBT synthetic materials in a strictly controlled environment.  Lash extensions should only be applied by a certified lash stylist.  Never apply lash extensions to yourself.  

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